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Why Join Family Business Network Canada?

FBN Canada is the Canadian chapter of Family Business Network International, the world’s leading organization for family enterprises.

This exclusive membership will connect you to a community of more than 16,000 active family business members. The network is spread across Canada and over 60 countries, allowing members to thrive with a powerful sense of belonging, and the opportunity to share stories and ideas with people worldwide who truly understand your reality.

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The FBN community has provided my family with incredible learning opportunities and the pleasure of connecting with business families from around the world. Hearing their stories inspires us to pursue more creative solutions and not just accept the status quo.

Margaret-Jean Mannix, Chair, FBN Canada

Enjoy everything that membership has to offer…

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Attend Exclusive Global Events

Annually, FBN organizes about 750 activities across the network, internationally, regionally and locally. These events are outstanding opportunities to connect with business family members from around the world.

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Connect with an International Community

Get access to FBN Xchange — an online directory and resource centre to search for other business families, and browse a curated selection of academic studies, articles, family presentations and more.

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Ready to Lead

If you’re under 40, you can join our dynamic NxG Community and develop the skills you’ll need to lead your family business into the future.

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Polaris Community

Through case studies, peer-learning and impact measurement tools, Polaris provides the framework for members to deliver on the FBN Pledge for a Sustainable Future, building values-based businesses that deliver inclusive growth, better manage risk and foster resilience.

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Now Generation

A trusted environment where business leaders between 35 and 55 years old can focus on their personal growth, while nurturing their families and businesses. These leaders are often accountable but may not be fully in power yet. And just as importantly, they strive to be role models and serve as leaders both for their family and their business.

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Enjoy the full FEX experience

Your FBN Canada membership includes all of the FEX Family benefits.

If you already have a FEX Family Membership and would like to join FBN Canada, your FEX fees can be pro-rated to cover part of the FBN Canada membership fee.

Family Business Network Canada is a community for enterprising families that will allow them to connect with other like-minded peers and really share their experiences.

Bill Brushett, FCPA, FCA, FEA
President & CEO
Family Business Network Canada

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