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Keynote & Panels quick links:

- Unlocking Happiness for a Healthy, Higher-Performing Work and Life — Jennifer Moss
- The Improv Advantage — Lindsay Leese & Lee Smart
- Growing Up Feminist: Building a Life of Purpose and Meaning — Jessica Houssian
Women in Leadership in Family Enterprise (Panel) — Monette Malewski, Françoise Lyon, Janice McDonald & Susan St. Amand

Master of Ceremonies — Jeremy Miller

Unlocking Happiness for a Healthy, Higher-Performing Work and Life

Presented by Jennifer Moss

Can you really be both “happy” and “at work”? All of us want to be happy and engaged and satisfied with our job or in the career we’ve chosen. Loving work makes us less stressed, decreases our boredom, increases our motivation, and positively impacts our personal lives. As leaders we want happier employees because they are more engaged and approach their work with enthusiasm and innovative perspectives. Studies show that employee disengagement increases anxiety and stress, negatively impacting health and well-being. Since we spend 90% of our waking hours at work in our lifetime, this is a critical issue for every leader and business owner.

Jennifer Moss, CBC Radio Columnist, Cofounder of Plasticity Labs, researcher and bestselling author of Unlocking Happiness at Work, believes we can solve this well-being crisis and has the research and data to prove it. As a member of the UN Global Happiness Council, Jennifer speaks internationally on the topic of happiness and well-being and how to achieve it. As a consultant and expert in behavioral sciences, Jennifer is shaping government policies, disrupting education, and helping organizations to increase sustainability, attract new talent, improve their brand and boost profitability. Jennifer also provides audience members with practical advice to become happier, healthier, and higher-performing people both professionally and personally, including:


  • How to develop the habit of gratitude and increase overall emotional intelligence
  • Ways to develop the traits of the most effective business owners, leaders, and managers by leveraging behavioral sciences
  • Tips to increase psychological fitness for stress management professionally and personally
  • Saying no to work/life balance and focusing on work/life continuum instead – what does this means and how we can achieve it

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The Improv Advantage

Presented by Lee Smart and Lindsay Leese

Lee Smart and Lindsay Leese of SmartLeese Creative will introduce the essential principles of improvisation and how they can enhance relationships. In this fun, interactive session you will discovering practical skills and insights that demonstrate how improvisational methods can help us quickly connect, communicate more effectively, adapt to change and collaborate to generate innovative solutions together.


  • This session will focus on equipping families and advisors with effective communication and collaboration tools they can put into practice immediately and call upon as a framework for future interactions

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Growing Up Feminist: Building a Life of Purpose and Meaning

Presented by Jessica Houssian

Jessica Houssian will share her learning journey as a G2 family member, philanthropist and business leader.

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Women In Leadership Panel

In discussion with Monette Malewski, Françoise Lyon, Janice McDonald and Susan St. Amand

Francois Lyon and Monette Malewski will be in conversation with moderator Susan St. Amand, discussing women in leadership.

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