Halifax | June 12 - 14 , 2017 | "Xchanging Generational Wisdom"

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Margaret-Jean Mannix, the Family Enterprise Xchange Symposium Board Committee Chair, is excited to announce our first speakers and workshop leaders who will be inspiring, educating, and engaging us during our inaugural Symposium: Xchanging Generational Wisdom.

Master of Ceremonies
David Bentall

Keynote Speakers
Diana Chambers  |  Jim Grubman  |  Guillaume Herve  |   Breanne Ramsay  |   Brittney Ramsay  |  Vanessa Strike  

Workshop Leaders
Patricia Angus  |  Shauna Feth  |  Judi Cunningham  |  Gaia Marchisio  | Val Monk  |  Lloyd Robinson  |  Wendy Sage-Hayward  |  Kathy Wiseman  |  Carla Wood

Jean-Philippe Gagnon

   Diana Chambers | Graceful Generational Transitions
Session Objectives:
• Raise awareness of the importance and role of financial EQ
• Highlight some generational challenges, specifically identity formation of next generation and the tension they experience between belonging to family while pursuing their own unique paths
• Offer insights into some basic financial EQ skills

View the presentation here

Diana Chambers | Belonging in a Family Enterprise
Session Objectives:
• Reflect on what it means to belong to a family enterprise • Consider ways to manage personal desires with family expectations
• Develop ways that the senior generation might encourage all family members to pursue their unique paths while contributing to the family enterprise 

• Offer insights into some basic financial EQ skills

View the presentation here


  Judi Cunningham and Gaia Machisio | Path to Excellence
This unique workshop will ask you to reflect on what you have learned and how you have applied that learning. We explored the areas in your practice that you find the most challenging and the opportunities you are afraid to take because the outcome is uncertain or unclear. Through family vignettes, you were challenged to assess, decide, and articulate a process to address each family enterprise situation. Think of this as FEA in the ER.

View the presentation here

  Alberta Business Family Institute | Shauna Feth & Val Monk | Family Systems and Communication Patterns
Session Objectives:
• Develop deeper awareness and clarity about your communication patterns
• Assess and improve the communication practices in Family, Business and Ownership systems 
• Increase confidence in managing the natural dilemmas that occur in different stages of family business growth and succession
• Recognize that healthy effective communication is the result of an intentional and conscious commitment

View the presentation here

  Jim Grubman | Green, Yellow, or Red Zone Families: Which Do You Have in Your Advisory Practice?
Session Objectives:
• Understand how your biases can interfere with an accurate assessment of your family enterprise client 
• Learn how to strike a balance between those things that are common to most family enterprises and those things that are unique when developing a process for each family client 
• Recognize the key attributes needed to work with family enterprises including cultural heritage, patterns of communication and methods of decision making

View the presentation here
Jim Grubman | Becoming a "Learning Family Enterprise", A Key Element in Your Family's Success
Session Objectives:
• Understand what it means to be a “learning family enterprise and why this could matter to you 
• Explore different ways that multiple generations can work together and learn together 
• Look at the reasons behind the different approaches to learning often held by senior and rising generations

View the presentation here

  Guillaume Herve | How to Identify and Set-Up an Intraprise Within Your Family Business
Session Objectives:
• Understand the key concepts of intrapreneurship 
• Discover ways to identify intrapreneurship business ideas and the challenges that come with the territory 
• How intrapreneurship can play a key role in a family business

View the presentation here

  Lloyd Robinson | Forgiveness - A Key Competency for the Successful Family Enterprise
Session Objectives: 
• Position Forgiveness as a key competency for development by family members
• Explore why Forgiveness can positively impact families and family enterprises
• Share a step by step Forgiveness methodology 
• Use ‘real world’ examples of Forgiveness attendees can relate to

View the presentation here
  Dr. Vanessa Strike | De Kuyper Royal Distillers: The Tale of the Cocktail
Session Objectives: 
• The impact of different perspectives across generations within a family firm 
• The need for a clear and impartial succession process within a family firm
• Different types of succession models
• The importance of recognizing the iterative testing process as a successor

View the presentation here
  Kathleen Wiseman | Mistakes Made, Lessons Learned
Session Objectives: 
• Provides an opportunity to critically consider/examine the experience of working in or advising family enterprise 
• Allows the participants to take personal risks leading to professional personal growth 
• Removes boundaries having to do with fear of failure and promotes new ways to succeed 
• Creates connections between concepts/practice principles and implementation

View the presentation here
    Carla Wood | Driving RESULTS: Unleash Your Talents | StrengthsFinder Assessment
Session Objectives: Using the well researched and internationally recognized Clifton StrengthsFinder assessment by Gallup as a foundation you will: 
• Learn how to take the natural talents of you and those of your family or team and leverage them to do more, have greater enjoyment as you do it, and increase your profitability along the way 
• Understand how to better work together around a Common Purpose in the business 
• Leverage communication, collaboration, connectedness and celebration using your learnings from the StrengthsFinder results

View the presentation here

   David Bentall & Carla Wood | Integrating My Learning Into MY World
In this concluding session, you had the opportunity to discuss, debrief, and develop an action plan based on what you learned and who inspired you, from the many topics our speakers and presenters offered over the packed two and a half days.

View the presentation here


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