Personal Advisory Group (PAG)

Probably the most common challenge family business members face is isolation – it is often difficult to discuss problems with other family members, and those outside family business often don’t understand the unique dynamics of family enterprise.

FEX’s Personal Advisory Group (PAG) meet the challenge head on by providing an unparalleled opportunity to discuss business and family challenges and opportunities with other members of family businesses. A Personal Advisory Group (PAG) is a group of 8 - 12 individuals, each from a family member company, who agree to meet regularly to share personal and professional ideas and help each other overcome problems. It provides the group members with objective, and intimate advice in an atmosphere of mutual trust and support.

Each family member will be in a different group, and there are no competing businesses in a group. PAG's are open to:

  1. All FEX family members who are active in the business
  2. Family members that intend to join the business
  3. Family members who are part of the family enterprise (active on the board, etc.)

The keys to the group's success are confidentiality and commitment to attendance. Meetings are arranged every four to six weeks and last about three hours. Once or twice in the year a two or three day "retreat" is arranged at a remote location. The PAG is self-directed by an elected moderator. Meetings are arranged by the moderator at various members' premises or at a club, hotel, etc. For more information about joining a PAG in your area, feel free to contact us

Your FEX Family Membership is inclusive of one PAG participant. Additional PAG seats are available for $795 plus applicable taxes. You must have a FEX Family Membership to participate in a PAG. 

By joining a PAG, you'll have access to a wealth of knowledge through programs, online resources and training opportunities only available to PAG members. These are provided to you at no additional cost.

  • PAG Fundamentals Program: A three series program that you can participate in even after placed in a PAG. You will continue to meet and network with other PAG members and learn directly from them as to how their participation in a PAG has benefited them personally and professionally. Attend one of our upcoming programs to learn more about the PAG experience
  • 'Elevating the Experience' Training Program: A half-day intensive training program that is open to all PAG Members and those awaiting placement in a PAG. The agenda includes effective communication techniques and a review of the protocols and policies that govern successful PAGs. 
  • PAG Coach Community: A PAG Coach will participate in three PAG meetings and will provide the group members with on the spot training and guidance on how to get the most our of their PAG meetings. 

Click here to learn about the great initiatives and benefits you'll receive by becoming a PAG Member today!  

FEX PAG Support Centre

The PAG Support Centre provides members with additional resources and success models to ensure cohesiveness within your PAG. The Support Centre will provide you with additional information on planning a successful retreat; meeting aids and tools that will support the monthly meetings; operating guidelines which will strengthen your PAG and ensures it continues to be strong and efficiently managed, and much more! You will also have access to a directory of subject matter experts and potential facilitators that can provide your PAG with information that is relevant to you. Visit often as the Support Centre will be updated frequently!

Contribute to and support the PAG community by submitting a Request for Proposal. Are you a subject matter expert in the legal profession, continuity planning field or sustainability? Complete our RFP today


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