Advanced Learning Forum


To advance the skill set and professional effectiveness of Family Enterprise Advisors.

Building on the Family Enterprise Advisor Program this advanced learning forum will focus on skills and training needed to better understand the complexities of family systems, and consider ways to think more strategically and knowledgably when assisting families as they adapt to change.

Based on the belief that the overarching goal for any family enterprise advisor is to build capacity in their clients so that they can make the best decisions and solve even the most difficult challenges, understanding family behaviour in the context of the business environment is therefore essential. This program will offer advisors an opportunity to learn from a leading expert in family systems and develop additional skills and tools to better serve the families that seek their assistance. 

There is no end to learning for advisors who wish to continue to be a robust resource to their family enterprise clients.

This full day program will:
• Provide a deeper understanding of the ways families predictably function
• (Bowen Family Systems Theory)
• Address the role anxiety plays in the thinking of individuals and advisors adapting to change. (Drs. Paul Mclean, Robert Sapolsky)
• Identify the bias that you bring to your practice and its impact on the client system
• (Dr. Walter Toman)
• Use actual family enterprise cases to apply the pre-reading and class material (Kathy Wiseman’s case examples)
• Build your confidence in addressing complex family enterprise situations

This full day program will begin with pre-reading material sent out prior to class.

The course will cover the following:
• How thinking in systems can provide solutions to family enterprise challenges.
• Your role as a “visitor” to the systems. What is the help that helps?
• How do you SEE the systems? How does that guide you to strategy?

Case One - the process of change in 7 generations in a family business- the challenges and the solutions.

Case Two - the process of change in a family upset with conflict – a way to think about the dilemma, the challenges and the possible solutions.

Case Three - how to think about what you "see," and what to do when the situation seems hopeless.

• Questions for additional learning
• Integration of the ideas and summary of the content with strategies for additional learning


Kathy Wiseman is founder and President of Working Systems Inc. in Washington DC. Wiseman is a faculty member at the Bowen Center for the Study of the Family formerly the Georgetown University Family Center. She is adjunct faculty at the George Washington University School of Business, heading the Family Office Forum. She is the founder and president of Working Systems, Inc., a founding member and past president of the Family Firm Institute. 

Wiseman is a cofounder of Navigating Systems a course for lawyers, accounts, trust officers and family office executives who want to learn more about family and how families predictably function. Wiseman was in partnership with Charles Collier of Harvard University teaching a course titled Working with Families of Wealth In January 2013 she published TRUSTWORTHY - New Angles on Trusts from Beneficiaries and Trustees with Hartley Goldstone. 

Wiseman received her undergraduate degree in sociology/anthropology from the University of Pennsylvania and an MBA from George Washington University. In the summer of 2015 she attended Burning Man for the first time with two of her children, their spouses and a nephew.

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