Learning Continuum

Learning Continuum


The FEX Learning Continuum describes a continuous learning path for both enterprising families and their advisors consisting of the skills, knowledge, and abilities that will support both parties in their quest to successfully operate, govern, and transition a family enterprise through multiple generations”. 

A key principle of the FEX Learning Continuum is that development is a lifelong cumulative process. At each stage of the different lifecycles (i.e. relationship, family, business, and ownership) new challenges and opportunities arise and this requires flexibility, expanded thinking, and additional skills to navigate each pathway.

The Learning Continuum offers a progression of skills and knowledge that build in complexity from one level to the next.

The FEX Learning Continuum will:

  • Embrace a global and multi-cultural perspective
  • Encompass a broad spectrum of core knowledge, skills and abilities, as well as, academic and professional expertise
  • Apply a multi-generational lens honouring a range of experiences, learning styles and motivations
  • Invite families to enter the Learning Continuum at the level that best suits their needs and/or stage in their journey


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