Business Family Dynamics

Learn the concepts that are fundamental to understanding the Family Enterprise and its unique challenges especially during a leadership transition. Understand Family Enterprise as an interactive system between the family, business, and ownership systems.

Family Enterprise Strategy

Understand what it takes to create long term “family enterprising” that promotes trans generational wealth. Learn how to blend family, business, and ownership strategies.

Business Boards and Family Councils

Come away with effective tools that facilitate the governing body for the three systems of the family enterprise. Gain insight into good governance structures and learn how effective frameworks can facilitate successful decision making for business families.

Multi-disciplinary Advising

Leverage a multi-disciplinary approach and learn how to avoid giving advice that conflicts with advisors in other fields. Explore strategies that bridge the gap between different planning disciplines to be part of a successful advising team.

Facilitation and Communication Skills

Learn the essentials needed to manage the complexities of Family Enterprise relationships including how to handle conflict, ask the right questions, and diffuse tense situations. Understand how the practical facilitation practices of emotional intelligence, group dynamics, authority, and leadership can improve family communication.

Continuity Planning

Go beyond the technical legal, tax, and estate planning issues traditionally associated with succession planning. Instead, explore the “human” side of the succession process that must be considered in transitioning the family, the business, and the ownership successfully.

Knowledge Integration and Application

The program teachings come alive by bringing together your far-reaching knowledge in a dynamic dialogue and partnership with other participants. Teams present their final team project and presentation to their peers and receive feedback.

Toronto - FULL

FEA Program 2019 Schedule


FEA Program 2019 Schedule


FEA Program 2019 Schedule


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