Maintain the FEA Certification

Maintaining the FEA Certification is an ongoing process. By receiving the Family Enterprise Advisor Certification, each designate undertakes and agrees:

  1. To comply with:
    • all laws and regulations applicable to the organizations on which he/she serves;
    • the written codes of conduct of all organizations with which he/she is associated; and
    • The Code of Ethics and Professional Standards of FEA and all other professional codes for bodies and associations to which he/she belongs
  2. To conduct him/herself in a manner that supports the purpose, vision, mission, and goals of FEX
  3. To obtain and keep current any necessary or required professional insurance
  4. To maintain FEX membership
  5. To commit each year to ongoing professional development and learning, and to complete the required hours of approved continuing education in the field of Family Enterprise


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