Certification Requirements

What is Required to Become FEA Certified?

1. Completion of the Family Enterprise Advisor Program (FEA Program)

The Family Enterprise Advisor Program (FEA Program) is a mandatory pre-requisite to obtain the FEA Certification. The FEA Program consists of seven modules, and includes a team project and book report. The FEA Program is designed to be completed in one year and is currently offered in Vancouver, British Columbia | Calgary, Alberta | Toronto, Ontario.

2. Hold a degree or another professional designation

3. Join the Family Enterprise Exchange (FEX)

All FEA Program participants receive a one year complimentary membership to FEX. All FEA certificants are required to keep their FEX membership current in order to maintain the FEA certification.

4. Complete the FEA Certification Application Form

The FEA Certification Application Form must be completed and submitted for approval a minimum of four weeks prior to the date of your written exam. You may submit your application prior to completing the FEA Program, however, approval depends upon the completion of the program including the project and book review. Candidates cannot write exams until their application form has been approved. The FEA Certification Application Form includes the following:

  • Three references
  • Professional and criminal background disclosure
  • Your CV or bio

Apply for FEA Certification

5. Pass the FEA Certification Exams

The FEA Certification exams consist of two components: written exam and oral assessment. Only candidates who pass the written examination can participate in the oral assessment, and therefore, a minimum three week period is required between the two exams.

6. Maintaining the FEA Certification

Maintaining the FEA Certification is an ongoing process. In order to keep current and retain the FEA Certificate, FEA Certificants are committed to a) follow the FEA Code of Ethics and Professional Standards, b) keep their FEX membership current, and c) meet the continuing education requirement of seven continuing education credits per calendar year.


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