FBN Canada NxG Community

FBN Canada NxG Community

FBN is dedicated to nurturing the next generation (NxG) of family business members. Our engaged and energetic NxG community is made up of more than 6,000 members around the world aged 18 to 40. Participate in exclusive programs and events to help you prepare as a future leader of your family enterprise, and take advantage of a safe space to learn, share and be heard.

I joined FBN Canada to be part of an inspiring connected Next Generation Community!

Ellisha Mott, Mott Electric

We really need to be supporting that Next Generation of leaders, the rising leaders of those business families to be successful.

Bill Brushett,
President & CEO
Family Business Network Canada

FBN NxG Programs

Internships offered by FBN families around the world give you the opportunity to strengthen your existing skills while learning new roles and responsibilities in a unique and experiential way. Durations range from one month to a year. Apply today!

NxG members transitioning into leadership roles can join a New Leader Circle to connect with other NxG members and support one another overcome common challenges in a safe, supportive environment.

This prestigious award program was created in 2009 to recognize and champion young entrepreneurial family business members. Any FBN NxG member (aged between 18 and 40) that initiated an intrapreneurial or entrepreneurial project can apply to the NxG Award each year.

The NxG International Summit offers an invaluable international networking opportunity. Hosted by a different FBN association every year, relevant themes and a diversified agenda always ensure these summits are inspiring and informative for next generation family business leaders.

Polaris is a global movement of family businesses focused on maximizing economic, social and environmental impact. We enable learning, innovation and co-creation – empowering family businesses to shape a better future for people, communities, the environment and future generations.

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