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Stimulating and lively community events

FBN is a community for enterprising families that want to engage with peers from diverse cultures and perspectives, and wish to benefit from the powerful exchange of international best practices, knowledge, and experiences. Events are hosted locally, nationally and internationally for the community to connect, share and learn.

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FBN Canada

Hosted by FBN Canada, these events include conversations, webinars and other opportunities to meet with peers.

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FBN International Summits

On the international stage, FBN-I hosts a Global Summit and a NxG Summit every year. They also host  community-specific gatherings like the NxG Entrepreneurship Day and the Polaris Impact Forum.

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Other FBN Chapter Events

Chapters from across our FBN community organize a variety of events, including online meet-ups and webinars,  as another opportunity for members to connect and learn.

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FEX Events

FBN Canada members are welcomed at all FEX Family member events.

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