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The Family Enterprise Xchange is an entirely new organization for enterprising families and their advisors. Its mission is bold: to provide every family with the knowledge, wisdom, resources, and support they need to propel their enterprise to greatness. 

FEX is a solicitation and sponsor-free zone, a trusted safe harbor not only for families, but also for advisors. It is a place to share knowledge and ideas and support each other – without concern of being ‘pitched’. Rather than relying on sponsorship, ongoing funding sources include membership dues, program fees, and event fees supplemented by occasional project-based funding from the Family Enterprise Xchange Foundation.

FEX meets the emotional and real need of families and advisors to be part of an engaged and supportive community, sharing knowledge and support through programming and events, not only at a national level but also at local Chapters across the country.

For more information, please contact FEX Membership.

Annual Fee: $795.00 + taxes

Monthly payment: $66.25 + taxes

Membership includes the whole family, whether they participate in your family business or not.

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