Chapter Family Enterprise of the Year

FEX Regina Family Enterprise of the Year Award

The chapter Family Enterprise of the Year Award is given annually by FEX to recognize, celebrate, and promote the achievements of Canadian family businesses and the considerable contribution they make to both their local communities and our national economy.

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The Family Enterprise Xchange (FEX) is proud to announce Emerald Seed Products Ltd., a first-generation family-owned business in Avonlea, Saskatchewan, as the 2017 FEX Regina Family Enterprise of the Year Award recipient.


Carole Morsky presents Nathan Sudom the award

Emerald Seed Products Ltd (Emerald) was founded in 2004 by Blaine Sudom and Cal Kelly.  Nathan Sudom, Blaine’s son, is the current CEO of Emerald. Initially, the business employed only family members and Cal Kelly.  Currently Emerald employs 6 full-time non-family workers. Emerald specializes in manufacturing products derived from the fenugreek seed for health, food, industrial and animal feed additive uses.  Emerald Seed Products is currently the only commercial fenugreek fibre extraction facility in the world.  Fenugreek is sourced from local farmers and separated using their unique technology into two separate components. 1) Hydrocolloid (fenugreek gum), these products are Food grade (Canaden ®) and Industrial grade (Fen Gum ®) and 2) Natural animal feed additive – Nutrifen ®.  FenGum ® represents the bulk of their hudrocolloid sales and initially started in 2010 but didn’t pick up momentum until  2013.  This product is used in the potash extraction process and a Potash Mine located in Saskatchewan is their main customer.

FEX Regina is very pleased to congratulate the 2017 Regina award recipient, Emerald Seed Products and wish them all the very best as they proudly represent Regina and area for the National award.


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