About FEX Regina

About FEX Regina

FEX Regina provides support to family-owned businesses in Regina and the surrounding area. We hope to strengthen the generational durability, viability and long-term success of those enterprises. We support and encourage business families through education, advice, understanding and tolerance of those involved in the family business. We will serve as a self-help tool for business families from a personal and business perspective to benefit both the family and the business. We aim to increase awareness and recognition of FEX and what it stands for. We encourage programming that emphasizes the uniqueness of business families and focuses on common characteristics and shared values in order to promote involvement of all family members. We will be a forum to pool and enhance the talents, energies, and knowledge of our members, increasing our credibility and strengthening the viability of the organization.


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690 Dorval Drive, Suite 135
Oakville, Ontario  L6K 3W7