Newfoundland and Labrador Chapter

The Newfoundland and Labrador chapter of FEX serves the family business community in Canada’s most easterly province.

The mandate of the chapter is to connect members in Newfoundland and Labrador to an engaged and trusted community that empowers business families with the knowledge and resources they need to successfully navigate a family’s journey. Our goal is to help families address their unique challenges and opportunities by providing best practices, tools, resources and research to help them successfully navigate every aspect of their business journey.

Through participation in Personal Advisory Groups, programs and workshops, we provide families and their advisors with a place to engage with other business families in a 'safe harbour' environment. With programming that offers a unique blend of shared wisdom and experience from some of the world’s leading-edge thinkers and educators, FEX provides support to families at every step of their journey.

Through our chapter network across Canada, FEX offers a variety of forums for the ‘xchange’ and sharing of knowledge and expertise in a confidential ‘safe harbour’ environment free of sponsorship and  solicitation.


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