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By building a strong team of FEX Ambassadors, we can work together to grow, inspire, and connect the family business community across Canada – empowering dynamic peer groups for families and FEAs. Given the importance of family enterprise, the impact will be felt in our local, regional and national communities.

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Discussions at our dinner table are usually about my wife’s family business: what is working well, opportunities, etc. FEX is a great resource to bounce ideas off of other family business owners who have overcome similar challenges and learn from their wisdom. As an Ambassador, I share our story so that more family businesses can benefit from these resources.

Michael Kirkpatrick,
Imperial Barber Shop

Why Become a FEX Community Ambassador?

Because Family Enterprise Matters! Generating almost half of Canada’s private sector GDP and seven million jobs in 2017, business families have a significant impact on the Canadian economy.

How Can You Make A Difference?

Discover and Connect

If you thrive in social situations and love getting to know new people, you can help us grow our community.

Host Your Local FEX Community

If you like organizing, spearheading and hosting events, why not open your doors for a family business tour, FEA meet-up or social event?

Help Us Grow the Ambassador Team

We all know that a strong community helps build strong advisors and strong business families!

Welcome New Members

If you enjoy building connections, help new members engage with FEX and our network of business families and FEAs.

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