FEX Town Hall Discovery Tour Sessions - Summary of Member Input

FEX Town Hall Discovery Tour Sessions - Summary of Member Input

In the late summer and fall of last year we completed a tour of all of our FEX chapters as part of a Discovery Town Hall Series. The goal for this discovery tour was to determine what was really important to our members and gather as much input as possible on what we should focus on going forward in order to deliver an exceptional member experience - an experience that members would see as providing tremendous value.

The response and participation in these town halls was outstanding. The ideas, suggestions, and recommendations we received was very informative and helpful. I want to acknowledge and thank all of the members who attended and contributed to the success of these discovery events. Your input was much appreciated.

As noted above, we heard a lot of great ideas and recommendations from the town hall sessions across the country. Some of the suggestions were high level and will be very helpful in setting the direction and focus going forward. While other suggestions were very specific and will be considered individually as we develop our detailed plans throughout the coming year. In reviewing and assessing all of the input and feedback received, there are a few key themes that arose which were very helpful in setting out the priorities for FEX. The key themes from the Discovery Town Halls are as follows:

Personal Advisory Group (PAG) Enhancements

The PAG Program is the cornerstone of our member experience for family members. In fact, it is the reason many decide to join FEX. Investing in the enhancement and improvement this program was the top priority by town hall participants. We received a variety of specific ideas and recommendations for improving the PAG Program and we will be assessing all of these in developing our plan for the PAG Program going forward.  

Engagement and Relevance to the Next Generation 

In every chapter the challenge of engaging next generation family members was raised as a significant issue. For members who have their family/children involved in the business today or are trying to get them engaged and involved, the feedback is that FEX is struggling to demonstrate its relevance to this next generation. Similarly, for the next gen participants in the town halls the feedback was that they would like to see more programs and events focused on attracting their peers in family enterprise to FEX. In many respects the future of FEX relies on attracting and serving the needs of the next generation leaders and owners of family enterprise. Engaging the next generation will be a key focus in the months ahead.

Build Awareness of FEX

Many town hall participants shared their observations about our lack of awareness as an organization amongst the family enterprise community. We are a national membership organization serving business families, yet many do not know we exist – or as some people said, FEX is the best kept secret in the business community. If we can raise our profile and spread the word about who we are and what we do, then this will contribute to our growth and help us build a stronger member experience overall.

Programs Current, Relevant, Fresh Content

In commenting on our programs, the members at the town halls clearly indicated that they would like to see newer, fresher content. The pace of change today is fast and unrelenting, and members would like FEX to provide sessions that focus on more current topics that are relevant to the challenges faced by family businesses. One of the goals of FEX is to provide leading-edge thinking and knowledge to our members and so, this input from the participants at the town halls will provide direction for future programs and events. 

Better Connections

Being well connected to other members of our family enterprise community is another theme arising from the town hall discussions. It is a benefit that members attribute a lot of value to and the expectation for FEX is to create better (not necessarily more) opportunities for members to connect with each other to network and share their experiences and knowledge. Exploring the potential of online forums and a more robust online community in general is something members would like us to invest in moving forward. 

Online Resource Centre

FEX has a wealth of information and resources available in the form of skill building programs, tools, articles, videos, family success stories, etc. which collectively represents significant value for members. However, our ability to provide access and share this content is not effective today. Input from the town hall sessions indicates that improving our online resource centre and providing e-learning capability and other enhancements will be a valuable component of our member experience. 

Overall, the input received during the town hall sessions was great. We enjoyed meeting the many members who came out for these sessions and listening to the ideas and advice that was shared.  Please stay tuned in the days and months ahead as we start to implement improvements in our member experience based on the input received.


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