Member Profile

Member Profile

A few years ago an comprehensive member survey was conducted in an effort to profile our Family Business members.  More than 200 members responded and their family enterprise had the following characteristics:

  • 88% are privately held companies owned and managed by a family;
  • Multi-generational business in existence for an average of 44 years;
  • Employ an average of 127 employees;
  • Have at least 2 family members in senior management positions;
  • 40% have annual gross sales greater than 10 million dollars;
  • 55% report the net worth of their family business is in excess of 5 million dollars.


















The average individual member had the following characteristics:

  • 59% of respondents are CEO, President, Owner /Founder or the Chairman within their family business;
  • 46% are the second generation within the family business;
  • 60% male, 40% female; average 51 years old;
  • 80% are married with children; average 2 children;
  • 64% have a university degree or higher.        



















With respect to best practices in the area of family enterprise governance our members reported that: 

  • 59% use Family meetings or Family councils;
  • 25% have a Family Constitution;
  • 26% utilize an independent business board of directors or advisors;
  • 60% hold owner’s/shareholder’s meetings;
  • 17% maintain a Family Office.



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