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At the Family Enterprise Xchange (FEX) we understand a family business is above and beyond the complexities of non-family corporations. FEX's vision is to support this substantial Canadian network of family enterprise as we recognize their unique challenges in the effort to propel their business to long-term success while keeping family relationships healthy.

In alignment with this vision, FEX is proud to announce we have joined the Family Business Network (FBN), becoming FBN's exclusive official Canadian chapter.

This means FEX now offers 2 options of Family Membership to business families in Canada*: 
  • FEX Family Membership gives you access to: national FEX events, FEX E-Learning Centre, FEX Directory for Business Families and Advisors, Personal Advisory Groups and other programs within Canada.
  • FBN Canada Family Membership gives you access to all of the FEX Family Membership benefits plus: access to FBN Xchange, FBN Global Directory for Business Families, FBN programs nationally and globally, and invitation to FBN events in Canada and abroad.

*Current FEX Family members that wish to join FBN Canada may contact Stephanie Freedman directly. FEX Membership dues can be pro-rated to cover part of the FBN Canada membership fee.


What is FBN?

The Family Business Network International (FBN-I) is the world's leading organization for business owning families. Founded in Switzerland in 1989, FBN has grown to include over 30 chapters across the globe, all of which are committed to an atmosphere of confidentiality and openness where enterprising families can share insights on their most pressing challenges and successful strategies.


FBN in Canada

As the exclusive FBN Canadian chapter, the Family Enterprise Xchange offers an international class of membership to Canadian business families. FBN Canada connects its members with a global network of business family peers, and it gives members the chance to join exciting programs, events and resources both nationally and globally.

This exclusive membership will connect you to a community of more than 14,900 active family members. The network is spread across Canada and over 60 countries, allowing members to thrive with a powerful sense of belonging when sharing stories and ideas worldwide with people who truly understand their reality.


Why choose FBN?

FBN Canada and the FBN chapters around the world follow the same motto: "By families, for families, across generations". Our focus is on empowering enterprising families. To ensure our growing community stays strong, the chapters and all their members share the same Code of Conduct which is a proven success formula in our incredible network:

Trust and Openness

The Network is founded on the principles of open communication and trust


Active participation by members is the vital ingredient that makes the Network valuable


Members are committed to sharing experiences and insights in an atmosphere of confidentiality

Respect & Professionalism

Discussions and debates are always conducted in a respectful and professional manner


The Network is not a place to sell products or services to other members. It is a forum to learn from the exchange of ideas, experiences and information


Benefits of FBN Canada Membership

The FBN Canada membership includes access and invitations to the following benefits:

International Events:
Every year, FBN International hosts a NxG International Summit, dedicated to the next generation members, and a Global Summit, which welcomes members of all generations. These high-profile events tackle topics sensitive to enterprising families through discussion circles, case studies, the expertise of renowned speakers, and more. 

In 2020, the Global Summit will be in Budapest, hosted by FBN Hungary, between October 21st and 24th.

International Business Family Directory

FBN members gain access to FBN Xchange, where they can search for other enterprising families. Contact details are shared within FBN members to encourage business families to rely on each other and easily create a connection supported by our code of conduct.

FBN Online Resources

FBN members can search through the Resource Centre on FBN Xchange, which includes academic studies, statistics, family presentations and more. Everything is curated to address subjects related to family business.

The FEX Experience*

Family Businesses that join FBN Canada have access to all the FEX Family Membership benefits, which includes:
- Educational, social and networking events across Canada
- National Family Directory and Family Enterprise Advisor (FEA) Directory
- FEX E-Learning Centre: a comprehensive online library of educational courses, webinars, publications, e-books and more.

*Current FEX Family members that wish to become members of FBN Canada may contact Stephanie Freedman directly. Your FEX Membership dues can be pro-rated to cover part of the FBN Canada membership fee.


Next Generation (NxG) Community

FBN supports an engaged and energetic Next Generation community that includes over 5,000 family members between 18-40 years of age. Across the globe, we are dedicated to nurturing the Next Gen leadership skills and to give them a safe space where they can learn and have their important voice heard. To keep them energized, FBN offers programs and events exclusive to Next Gen, such as:

International Internships
FBN Family Businesses may offer internship opportunities that range from one month to one year. Next Gen members can apply for a spot nationally or abroad to strengthen their experience in their current business field or broaden their skills in new functions such as management, marketing or sales.

NxG New Leader Circles (NLC)
NxG members transitioning into leadership roles have an option to join a NLC. Aside from connecting you with other next generationers, these groups are a safe place where the NxG members help each other overcome common challenges. 

NxG Award
This prestigious award recognizes yearly the most promising entrepreneurial or intrapreneurial projects created by the FBN Next Gen members.

NxG International Summit
Every year, this event is hosted by a different FBN Association. The International Summit focuses on relevant content that help shape the next generation of family business into inspiring capable leaders. This is an invaluable chance for the FBN NxG to strengthen their own global network of peers.

Important Update: In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, the 2020 NxG International Summit has been postponed to 2021. New dates are May 13-16, 2021. Click here for more details.  

*All official FBN events in Canada and worldwide are available to FBN members at an extra fee. Seats are reserved on a first come, first served basis. Most of FEX events in Canada are offered to FBN Canada members at no additional cost.


FBN by the Numbers



Who are we looking for?

FBN Canada believes in the value of openness, trust and confidentiality. We welcome into our community all generations of business owning families who:

Want to participate in a powerful exchange of shared ideas, knowledge, stories, and experience

Value an international connection that will put your family in contact with diverse cultures, opinions and family business strategies

Respect FBN Network as a confidential, safe-place of mutual respect, free of solicitation

If you identify with our values and want to learn more about FBN Canada, please click here*.


*Current FEX Family members that would like to become FBN Canada members may contact Stephanie Freedman directly. Your FEX Membership dues can be pro-rated to cover part of the FBN Canada membership fee.


 Member Enquiry

Already a member of FBN Canada? Click here to access FBN Xchange and take advantage of your membership benefits. 

If you have any questions or need assistance regarding your FBN Canada membership, please contact:

Stephanie Freedman
National Coordinator, Membership & Community Engagement
905.337.8375 ext. 228


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